Copmanthorpe Primary School

English - Reading and Phonics

Our English curriculum combines the National Curriculum with our whole-school termly topics.

Reading allows our pupils to access the world. We value reading skills greatly at Copmanthorpe and embed reading within everything we do. 


  • Develop an intrinsic love of reading, through engaging with a wide range of different types of material, including challenging and substantial texts.
  • Ensure that children read independently, fluently and with good understanding for both pleasure and academic success.
  • Acquire a wide vocabulary, an understanding of grammar and knowledge of linguistic conventions for reading, writing and spoken language.

Our approach

Throughout each term, we immerse children in our whole-school topics through reading a wide range of texts. In addition, we have both small, guided reading groups and whole-class reading sessions to develop skills such as fluency, retrieval, inference, prediction and to broaden vocabulary.

Our Phonics Approach

At Copmanthorpe Primary School we follow Pearson Bug Club Phonics. Please watch this video for more information on Phonics and Bug Club:



More information about how we navigate your child's early reading journey and how you can support at home. Supporting at home will make a HUGE difference to your child's progress. 

Phonics at Copmanthorpe

Reading Schemes used in school

Early Reading Journey

Phonics Organiser

Useful videos to help you support your child's reading journey

Word recognition



Reading at KS2 Workshop to Parents March 2022

Phonics, Reading and Handwriting video for parents

Video from Mrs Stanford - about reading fluency and why we are now focusing on one book each week.