Copmanthorpe Primary School




‘Together we can thrive’ 

At Copmanthorpe Primary School our Early Years curriculum is tailored to provide all children with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to be confident, curious and independent learners.  We believe that providing an education that does this gives every child the best chance to become well rounded, happy individuals, ready to succeed in an ever changing world.


Running throughout our curriculum are our core values:

Grow: Resilient independent Responsible Reflective learners. Through the experiences our curriculum offers, our children are empowered to retain knowledge, apply skills, and develop links in their understanding.  This allows them to become independent learners who are keen to explore and find out more.

Believe: Being Courageous, Positive, Unique and Kind Our children learn to believe in themselves, be aspirational learners and proud of their achievements.  Through a positive physical and mental well-being our children are equipped to take risks and overcome any challenges they may face.  Children will leave Early Years as compassionate, respectful individuals with an understanding that everyone should be valued.

Achieve: Open minded Inquisitive Enthusiastic learners. The experiences our curriculum offers enables our children to retain knowledge, apply skills and develop links in their understanding.  Through our curriculum linked to the ‘Hygge’ principles, our children have memorable learning experiences that allows them to develop their own passions and interests.  This allows children to become invested in their learning and motivated to achieve their own goals.






The new statutory framework does not prescribe a particular teaching approach.  The DfE (2021) state in the framework (p16) that “Play is essential for children’s development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, relate to others, set their own goals, and solve problems.  Children learn by leading their own play, and by taking part in play which is guided by adults.”

The Danish concept of Hygge underpins our plans for the classroom environment and our curriculum throughout the year.  This approach focuses on the changing seasons and the natural world around us.  The core elements of this approach include:

A safe, relaxing and homely atmosphere

Capture their interests in the present moment

Promote happiness and wellbeing

Respect for others

In Copmanthorpe Early Years, the team decides what we want our children to learn based on our Hygge themes.  This learning is introduced throughout our weekly planning and continuous provision.  We enhance this provision following the interests of the children and with links to our ‘Nature Study’ themes.  In addition to this we are mindful of the particular needs of our children and are responsive to this within our planning.  As children grow older and develop their skills throughout the reception year, we use more direct teaching, modelling and plan specific sequences of lessons. 

Our way of working enables us to focus on teaching the essential skills and  knowledge, whilst also allowing each child to develop their own interests and unique self.

For further detailed information please see this link to our EYFS Curriculum Map of Key Skills and 'Sticky Knowledge'.


British Values in the EYFS at Copmanthorpe Primary School are predominantly taught linked to our Jigsaw PSHE curriculum and discussion which take place within these sessions. Please see the overview of coverage here.