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Welcome to Year 4

We are really enjoying settling the new Year 4 children back into school and from what we have seen so far they are doing amazingly well.

This page will give you some brief information about Year 4. Any information share on here may be subject to change as we navigate the new restrictions and adapt to the new normal.

Obviously things will be a little different at school, for the time being, and If you have any questions or would just like to speak to a member of the Year 4 team about another matter then please contact to school office (via phone or email). Alternatively, leave a message on the table near the classroom door in the morning and we will gladly call you back later in the day. We are extremely keen to keep an open and supportive dialogue between home and school despite the Covid restrictions.

As usual, any urgent information will generally be sent out via the school app or email.

As the new year begins, we will continue to embed our behaviour policy; Ready, Respectful and Safe (RRS) with the additional new Covid rules.

We will also be reinforcing good learning attitudes with the help of the Copmanthorpe Learning Buddies: Resilient Snail, Resourceful Squirrel, Reciprocal Bee and Reflective Owl. (RRRR)

Year 4 Staff

4CC Teachers - Mrs. Cunningham (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs. Corah (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) 

4CN Teachers - Mrs. Nicholson (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), Mrs. Cunningham (Wednesday)

Mrs. Scott and Mr. Simms will be covering the teachers' PPA (planning, preparation and assessment time) on Thursday mornings.

TAs - Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Yeoman and Mrs. Scott

1:1 TAs - Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Stamp, Miss Sutton 

General Information


  • Please ensure that your child’s uniform, coat, pack up and water bottle are clearly labelled. We will not be able to hold onto lost property anymore and children will not be able to wander the school to look for lost items so if it is not named we won't be able to return it to the correct child. They do any require any other items to be brought into school unless otherwise agreed.
  • Children will be given a banded reading book to take home and read at home. When finished, they can return to school for quarantining and select another book to take home. Children will have a different school reading book to read at school.  If children want to bring a book in from home to read in school, this will need to be cleaned or quarantined in school before they can use it in class.
  • Home School Planners will not be used for the time being. 
  • Named water bottles should be in school daily and must be taken home every day for washing.
  • PE will be on a Thursday morning so children are to come into school in their full PE kit on this day only. Please make sure that they have on suitable PE kit for the weather as we will usually be outside. Please also ensure that long hair is tied up and earrings are either removed or covered up on P.E. days as we will not be able to help children with this as we usually would have. We will be adding in another PE session shortly and will let you know in good time.  If your child needs to be excused from PE, please send them with a note to avoid confusion. 
  • In regard to home learning, we are trying to limit the amount of items passing between school and home so are setting up new systems for homework. We will be in touch about these routines soon but it is likely to be daily reading, a weekly spelling and times table homework and then a termly topic menu to select from.
  • Please note we are a NUT FREE SCHOOL, so children cannot bring any nut products to school in their packed lunches. We appreciate your co-operation with this.  
  • Snacks must be healthy and they can not share any of their food or snacks with any other children. 

The Curriculum for Autumn

Initially our curriculum will have a theme of well-being; making sure that the children are happy and settled back into school. The texts we will be using in English will reflect this and there will be lots of time for team building and reflection. We will then continue with our broad curriculum covering a range of subject and skill areas at mostly the Year 4 level. We will continually assess and review which aspects of the curriculum we need to revisit from Year 3 in order to fill any gaps in learning that the children may have.  

  • Topic - 'Traders and Raiders' (Vikings and Anglo Saxons). This will cover history, geography, art and DT.
  • English - We will be using some Viking themed books and Sagas as a stimulus for writing and development of reading skills. Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) will also be a key focus for our English teaching, building on last year’s learning. 
  • Maths - In addition to daily times table practice, we will mainly be focusing on understanding number and place value. We will soon move onto developing formal methods of addition and subtraction and also problem solving and reasoning.
  • Science -  This term’s topic will be ‘Sound’. The children will learn how vibrations cause sound and explore pitch and loudness. Linking with DT and music.
  • PE - TBC on Thursdays with Mr. Simms. The daily mile will continue every afternoon.
  • PSHE - We will continue to use the JIGSAW program to guide physical, social and health education in Year 4 including and topics we missed from Year 3. In particular SRE (sex and relationships education)

Please see the curriculum newsletter for more information:


Home Learning

This year, our normal weekly homework will move to fortnightly instead and will consist mainly of spelling and times table practice. Short, regular practice sessions are one of the most effective ways to both spelling and times tables.

This homework will be sent home every two weeks on a Monday and due back on the Wednesday of the following week. This will give both you and us time to quarantine the book.

Nb. Please note that this is for our ‘normal’ home learning. ‘Remote’ learning for children who are isolating will be provided separately.


  • Spellings taken from the Year 3/4 statutory words will be sent home to practice in a variety of ways and then the children will be tested every other Friday.
  • In the back of the book, we have included a full list of the Statutory Spellings for Year 3 and 4 and also a Spelling Activity Menu which you may find useful for helping your child practise their spellings.
  • Please encourage your child to continue to practise the common exception words they find challenging. We can provide you with a list if required.
  • Please encourage your child to practise the words on Spelling Shed at least 3 times per week. Click this link for Spelling Shed. The Year 1,2,3 and 4 words are also on Spelling Shed. 

    Click here for the statutory Year 3 & 4 Spellings 


  • By the end of Year 4, children should know all their times tables up to 12 x 12. Having a secure knowledge of times tables will help your child in many different areas of maths. We do not yet know whether this year’s Year 4 children will be expected to sit the Statutory Times Table Check which was planned for last year.
  • An activity linked to a certain times table will be sent home and then the children will be tested every other Friday.
  • Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help students master the times tables! This is the link for Times Table Rockstars

  • Purple mash also has a times table check facility which mimics the 6 seconds answer time. This is the link for Purple Mash


  • Reading really is the backbone of learning both in an academic sense, in all curriculum, areas but it also in a wider sense in relation to a child's independence, mental health and just for shear enjoyment so it is enormously important that we give it such a high focus.
  • Please continue to read with your child and/or talk to them about what they are reading at least three times a week at home. Some of the key reading skills we focus on in school are vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and sequence/summary (VIPERS).
  • Your child has been given a new colour banded reading book to read at home (they also have access to a book in school so keep this one at home until it is completed). When finished, please return back to school for quarantining. Your child can then pick another book to bring home. We are not sending home planners at present. 


A topic activity menu will be sent home shortly for the children to select home learning activities from. This will be sent termly or half termly and they will have several weeks before the work is due in. More information on this will follow.

Please get in touch if you need further clarification and thank you for your support with home learning.


More on home learning

Best regards, 

Mrs. Nicholson, Mrs. Corah, Mrs. Cunningham and the whole Year 4 team


The following info is from the school closure so is no longer relevant at present. I have kept it on as there are some fabulous home learning websites for supplementing learning, at the end of the page

We will continue to use Seesaw as a platform for learning and two-way communication with the children. We will also be calling home regularly. In case you still need joining instructions, please see below:

Instructions for joining:

  • Go to (pc, or get the app on a phone or tablet)
  • Choose "I’m a Student"
  • Type in the class code:  ******** for 4CN

                                              ******** for 4CC

                           (These codes expire on ***********)

  • Finish creating your account using your school Google account/email e.g. and your Chromebook password (colouranimalnumber). Let us know if you can't remember it.
  • Then, once you're in, you should see your class name 4NS or 4CW


Each Friday evening, we will upload tasks to the 'Activities' section, ready for the following week. Some of the activities will have either a video or voice recording to accompany them but if you have any questions then let us know.

Each child will have a 'Journal' where there work will appear once they have responded to an activity posted. Other pupils will be able to see the work as well as the teachers and we will always try to comment on any work that has been uploaded. 

Please note, only the children should log onto our class - our aim is for parents and children to use the same account so we don’t have too many users. If you've got any questions or want to check out what we're putting on, you can look through your child's account, parents do not need a separate account.

You will find more info about Seesaw once you have logged on.

Just to reiterate, we do not expect children to spend a lot of time working through the various activities; these are merely a suggestion and children can choose the tasks they complete and would ideally work in short bursts. We understand that this will be an extremely challenging time for everyone, many people will be juggling their time between work and caring for others, so the priority is to stay safe, healthy and active. If children would prefer, they can just post a message every now and again to tell us what they have been up to, work or otherwise. They do not need to share their work if you prefer not to.

I am sure you can appreciate this is an unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in but we will try our best to support you and your children the best we can so really hope the children enjoy using Seesaw. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Good luck and stay safe, we hope to be back to normal soon.

We have spoken to most of you this week so you will probably know about our plans for a Zoom catch up with the classes. Please the letter to the children, below, for more details. Further details will also follow securely via Seesaw.

Please see this help sheet on keeping children safe online: Click here.

Supporting Information and Home Learning Website Links


Cross Curricular

BBC Bitesize daily lessons

The Oak National Academy lessons also seem good. These are recommended by the Secretary of State. They are delivered by real life teachers, not our own staff, but teachers nonetheless. It’s another option if you feel you need more content.






Science, Computing and STEM